Tuesday, August 25, 2015

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My New Site is Ready!!! - TonyTellsAll.com

www.TonyTellsAll.com - If you've liked what I've written here then please check out my new site (and be sure to bookmark it :) ).

This will be my last post on this blog. I kind of feel slightly melancholy about leaving here but I know I am moving onto greener pastures. Thank you to everyone who read this blog and made it successful. It inspired me to create my new site. I look forward to seeing you there!

Monday, November 24, 2008


Hey Guys,

I know there haven't been many updates lately but that is because I have been hard at work on my new site. As soon as my new site www.tonytellsall.com is finished I will move this blog over to it. It should be completely ready to launch either today or tomorrow.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Day 4 of my Inner-Klean Diet

So it’s Day 4 of my Inner-Klean Diet. Yesterday was really tough for me as I had to work pretty late and didn’t get to have dinner at my normal time. To add to the punishment, I was meeting some friends at a really good restaurant to watch last night’s Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) event. Thankfully I got there after everyone had eaten so I didn’t have to see them chowing down on the delicious food there.

I wish I could say that this diet has been a breeze but yesterday was REALLY tough for me. I was feeling slightly nauseated, had some gas, and couldn’t really eat too many more vegetables. On the positive side of things, there HAVE been a lot of health benefits. I will list the pros and cons of everything now.


1. My body looks WAY better. I have increased tonality in my muscles and my abs also look great. It’s like I was able to accomplish two or three weeks of hard training in a few days.

2. My manhood looks much bigger. Without going into too much detail, my manhood looks much bigger. I don’t know if it is from all the juices I have been drinking but that is a great benefit of doing this.

3. My mind is clear, really clear. I feel SO much more at ease. I recently had a high level of nervous/anxious energy and this seems to have dissipated while doing the cleanse.

4. I am going to the bathroom normally. Prior to the cleanse, as my nervous energy was high, I was going to the bathroom quite frequently. As my nervous energy seems to be back to normal, I am going to the bathroom normally again.

5. I don’t feel like an animal. We all have urges in us but lately I have felt like my sex urge has been out of control. Since I’ve started the cleanse that urge seems to be normal and healthy. I really like the way my body is operating now.

6. My complexion looks great. Nearly everywhere I go people are telling me I look good. Almost every other woman I see looks at me and smiles. Some have even just sat there and stared. It’s a great feeling.

7. I am much more at ease. Plain and simple, I feel really good. There are no nervous sporadic thoughts. Everything is flowing smooth in my mind.


1. I am hungry. I mean it. I am REALLY hungry. I want an Arby’s roast beef with melted cheese sandwich right now. In fact, nearly everything I look at looks SO good. I could eat just about anything and be in heaven right now.

2. I felt nauseated yesterday. I was eating my salad for lunch and just spit it out. A man can only have so many vegetables… I found out online yesterday that this and some gas was one of the normal symptoms to expect on the third or fourth day of the cleanse.

3. I had some gas. Nothing major and in fact I felt better after the release.

4. I am slightly irritable. I want to eat and feel full. The irritableness only comes when I start thinking about normal food.

All in all, has this been worth it? Yes. Would I do it again? No. It’s been a real pain in the ass but once I say I am going to do something then I have to do it. I’m just counting down the time until Day 6 is over so I can go EAT.

One other thought that I would like to add. On one side of the food spectrum are people who eat anything. These people make human garbage cans out of their bodies. On the other side of the spectrum are people who eat only raw fruits and vegetables. I think both are extremes. Anyone with a normal healthy system can be somewhere in-between.

Friday, November 14, 2008

10 Things I Like About…..

I was inspired to do this writing after a friend of mine kept complaining about his father. I told him to grab a pen and paper and write out:
“10 Things I Like About My Dad”

And to focus on that list every day for a minute or two a day. What this does is it sends out a positive vibration from the son to the dad. Over time (sometimes immediately) the dad will pick up on these positive vibrations and reciprocate in kind to the son. This new way of thinking also stops the son’s previous negative cycle of thinking from occurring. For instance, before the son might have thought, “My Dad’s an asshole”. The dad, being influenced by these negative vibrations from the son, begins to act like an ass. This behavior reinforces the son’s previous thinking “See, I knew he was an asshole” and the cycle continues.

Now with this new way of thinking a few other things are happening as well. As the son is continuously focusing on this new positive image of his dad, over time this new image will form a concept in the son’s subconscious mind. The son will literally begin to believe that his Dad is this new person. In response to this new image, the son will think more positively and take more positive actions in regard to his father. His dad, being influenced by these new actions and thoughts, will over time begin to think and act more positively towards his son.

As the son is not thinking so negatively about his father anymore, it will positively influence other areas of his life. Remember, for every amount of energy put out a like amount must be taken on. As the son has now replaced a portion of his former negative life with positive energy, he can expect to reap the rewards of this new way of thinking.

So try it out in your own life. If there is anyone out there you hate right now, write out: “10 Things I Like About (insert name)” and list ten qualities about them. Often times you’ll find that the things you don’t like about others are really areas that you need to heal within yourself. As you let go of those past hurts you’ll find your life much more enjoyable and peaceful. Also, an easy way to let go of any resentment towards others is to ask yourself, “What is it about this other person that I don’t like?” Let’s say the answer that comes up is “He talks too much”. It might simply be that you wish to talk more and that is why you don’t like this other person.

I’ll give an example of this. I have a friend named Jim who was always getting worked up, to the point of being REALLY upset, about his friend Gary being overweight. I asked Jim one day why Gary’s weight bothers him so much and he replied: “It just bothers me that he doesn’t want to take care of himself”. I told him that oftentimes what we don’t like about others is what we don’t like about ourselves. He replied with “But I’m not overweight”. I asked him “Well maybe you want to get into shape?” To which Jim replied “Yeah, I really want to start taking better care of myself. I smoke too much, am stressed out all the time…” and more. The point being is that Jim didn’t like about Gary what he didn’t like about himself. Once he was able to come to that realization, he no longer had an issue with Gary’s weight.

By the way I know some people are going to say “But Gary was overweight. Shouldn’t Jim have said something?” There is a difference between giving constructive advice and getting downright upset with someone. Also, Gary at this time was/is working really hard to get his weight under control.

By the way, you can also use this to strengthen your relationships. Let’s say you want to appreciate your wife more. You can write out; “Ten Things I Am Grateful for about My Wife” or “Ten Things I Love About My Wife”. By the way you don’t have to write just ten. Write as many as you like. As you focus and put out these positive vibrations, your wife will begin to respond in kind. This same process also works for virtually anything; work, exercise, dating, and more. So try it out! And start seeing the magic of thinking positively.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Inner-Klean Diet

Today I began my six day Inner-Klean Diet. The diet was created by Dr. Thurman Fleet, the founder of Concept-Therapy and the man whose teachings make up the foundation for my writings.

For some time now I’ve been thinking about trying Dr. Fleet’s diet but just recently I became serious about it. I tend to eat well balanced meals but I had been wondering if there was something more I could do to eat and feel healthy. My reasons for this were twofold: 1) I had been reading about how the healthier you are, the more harmoniously the Divine power can express itself through you and 2) I hadn’t been eating as healthily as normal and really wanted to give my system a positive kick. When my cousin told me he had a copy of Dr. Fleet’s diet in his car I immediately saw my chance to do just that.

Here is what is written on the Concept-Therapy website regarding the diet:
“The Inner Klean Diet is a wonderful 6 day cleansing diet that will cleanse each and every cell of your body. It is more like a fruit and vegetable feast! You will not be hungry on this diet and yet if you need to lose weight, it will happen. You will have more energy and clean out your entire digestive system while following the Law of Sanitation. For those who would like to expand their knowledge, the book, Rays of the Dawn, can provide additional information about the four Laws of the Body including Sanitation, Nutrition, Movement, and Recuperation. The book provides an excellent follow-up program to the Inner Klean Diet. The Inner Klean Diet was developed in the 1930's by Concept-Therapy's founder, Dr. Thurman Fleet. Dr. Fleet often prescribed the diet for his patients and met with much success. Later he developed the Concept-Therapy coursework. Thousands of Concept-Therapy students have used this feast and experienced greater energy, a clearer complexion, brighter eyes, and greater health and well-being. It is only logical that with toxins removed from the cells of the body and your digestive track, the body is going to function much better! The Inner Klean Feast includes most fruits and vegetables with a few exceptions. It has fresh juices, salads with an easily prepared, healthy, tasty dressing, some cooked veggies and a wonderful cleansing broth! In addition, there are enough specially selected protein foods to sustain the body over the 6 days. After 6 days it is recommended that you increase the protein content. Join thousands today in a wonderful way to better well-being! We offer a 30% discount when placing bulk orders of 10 or more of the Inner Klean Diet booklets. Call the Institute at 1-800-531-5628, Mon - Fri, 9 am to 4 pm, CST to place a bulk order.”

It really is a feast! After a half-day into it I feel great. The broth they recommend is delicious and the balanced meals and fruit have given me a high energy level. I’m actually looking forward to dinner so I can have more of the broth. The salad I made was also delicious and so far I feel full and happy as opposed to other diets I have tried.

Here is some more information about the diet taken from the pamphlet itself:
“When an automobile is full of carbon, it has no pep. It is clogged up. You may put in the very best gas and oil, but the speed is not there. The sensible and logical thing to do is to take the car to a mechanic and have the carbon cleaned out. After that is done, what happens? The car seems like new. There is plenty of power.

Your body is comparable to a car. When the cells, of which you have millions, are clogged up with ACID-SUGAR-MUCUS-PUS-etc., you have no pep, your appetite is poor, you do not sleep well, your complexion is bad, your eyes are dull, you suffer from aches and pains, you are nervous and irritable, you feel indifferent – everything seems wrong.

The sensible and logical thing to do is to CLEAN OUT, not just the bowels but the CELLS. Purge those cells – get all this accumulated toxic material out. But how? Well, that’s easy. OBSERVE THIS INNER KLEAN DIET. It will do it – every time.

For six short days you will be on a FEAST – not a fast. You will be filling your body with Nature’s Life – Giving Foods – Fruits and Vegetables that contain all those precious vitamins and minerals. When a sufficient amount of these live substances reach the cells of your body, there will be a flushing and a cleansing such as you have never experienced before. You will eliminate toxic material that has been with you for years – toxic material that has robbed you of your vitality. When this is all out, you will have plenty of energy – your complexion will undergo a marvelous transformation – you will sleep like a baby – aches and pains will disappear – your nerves will be at ease and you will feel so good that life will be a joy.

That is what this INNER KLEAN DIET will do. Follow directions carefully.”

Sounds good to me! I will update you guys with my progress throughout the diet and once it is over. After the diet is over you’re recommended to “combine your meals as suggested in chapter 1 of “The Rays of the Dawn”” which I will go back to doing.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

How Things Will Come To You

We’re often told regarding manifesting that we’re not supposed to worry about how things will come to us. I’d like to explain this to you on a deeper level so you’ll know exactly how this works.

There are three words I need to explain first; Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent.

Omnipotent: having virtually unlimited authority or influence

Omniscient: having universal awareness, understanding, and insight

Omnipresent: present in all places at all times

These three words combined describe the power of God/The Universe/ Infinite Intelligence/The Divine (pick whatever term works best for you). This great power we’re working with is all-powerful, all- knowing, and all-present. What this means is that you don’t have to focus on how things will come to you but rather on what it is you want. This all-powerful, all-knowing, all-present power will take care of the “how” for you, often times in ways you could of never imaged.

I’ve found in my own life that when I start wondering about how something is going to come to me, it just causes stress and unnecessary worrying. When you start thinking about the “how”, all those little doubts about your goal start to creep up. Instead of focusing on the end result, you get stuck at the little roadblocks and humps along the way. I believe it’s better to have an idea of what you want, focus on the end result, and to begin taking the necessary actions to achieve it while adjusting your course as you go.

So remember, the Divine is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. Simply focus on what it is you want, see yourself as having it, be grateful for its arrival, and be grateful for what you have right now. You’ll be sending out the proper images and vibration to attract whatever it is you want.